PHOENIX, Arizona, Feb. 13, 2019 – Aerostar Group, though its division of Aerostar Aerospace in Phoenix, AZ, has installed a third MAM72-35V 5 axis 32 pallet CNC as another commitment to industry OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of its investment in capital to expand capabilities and capacity. Aerostar Aerospace acquired the advanced 5 axis machining center to produce multiple part varieties, supporting accelerating rate increases on several aerospace platforms. “This addition further strengthens our business reputation as being very reliable and competitive,” said Alan Haase, President and CEO of Aerostar Group. Aerostar Aerospace is a division of Aerostar Group, as is Warmelin Precision Products in Hawthorne, CA.

Haase believes that this equipment provides an increase in throughput and capacity for the company’s highest volume products in excess of 25%. “Industries like aerospace need precision parts with tolerances as tight as +/- .0005, which is very difficult to achieve without utilizing the power and precision of high quality 5 axis CNC machining. In expanding capacity and capabilities to take on additional orders, our objective is always about delivering top-of-the-line accuracy, precision, and speed with a focus on exceeding specifications, and improving productivity and quality of parts, this additional 5 axis CNC will benefit both Aerostar Group and our customers.”

Already exceeding their original production expectations based on time studies and improvements provided by VP of Continuous Improvement John Nepley, Aerostar Aerospace General Manager Jerad Giles said, “We have the capacity for an additional 25 percent. Utilizing Lights Out Manufacturing methods, we’re able to go to operate in an unattended situation and successfully produce product 24/7.”

Haase concluded with an assurance that Aerostar Group’s capital investment will continue to grow, “We tell customers to ‘Focus on your business. Leave the tough stuff to us!’ We will do what it takes to continue to be a trusted supplier and partner to help our customers meet their business needs.”

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Angeline Zelenak
Vice President Marketing